We’re Géraldine and Diana and we moved from Paris to Bedford to open our very own boulangerie-pâtisserie. Well, actually Géraldine had already moved here after falling in love during a trip to Britain – as you do!

But let’s go back to Paris and the start of the story. Diana worked as a climate analyst and Géraldine was an architect – but something was missing. Baking! So they both decided to train as boulangères – that’s bread makers – at one of the top schools in Paris, which is where they met.

Géraldine loved bread-making and went on to train at several award-winning French bakeries, including one that supplied the Président de la République Française. Who knows – she might have baked François Hollande's famous croissants. Meanwhile, Diana added pâtisserie training to her CV and worked at some of the best hotels, kitchens and chocolatiers in Paris (including the kitchen of the Assemblée Nationale, no less).

And voilà – they decided to team up and bring their expertise and passion to Délices (pronounced day-lease) in Bedford.

You can watch Géraldine and Diana at work through the feature window behind the shop counter, so you can see that all their breads, pastries and cakes are freshly and lovingly made on the premises. They’re also on hand to talk customers through their mouth- watering selection of goodies (which is extra-handy if you fancy learning a bit of French).

So for a bit of French fancy in Bedford, do drop into Délices – Géraldine and Diana look forward to meeting you.